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At MKC Associates we are much more than home inspectors. We truly partner with our clients by listening to their concerns and removing the stress and uncertainty involved with property purchase and ownership. Our goal is to ensure that you feel fully educated about your property and clearly informed about what matters most; that way you can move forward with confidence. We specialize in home and property inspection services. Contact us for a home Inspection in Massachusetts. We inspect in the Greater Boston area, Worcester area, and throughout Central and Eastern Massachusetts: Our services include Home Inspection, Commercial Inspection, and related ancillary services.

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Buyer’s Inspection

We systematically scrutinize every facet of your property to uncover issues and defects in the home. Our team will conduct a full interior and exterior inspection, look at critical infrastructure components like the roofing, plumbing, electrical, framing, foundation, heating and cooling, test major appliances, and much more. These inspections can also be completed pre-offer.

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New Construction

New homes can have issues and they need to be inspected with the same thoroughness and attention to detail as a home that was built 100 years ago. This includes reviewing not just safety concerns and quality, but also helping you to develop your "punch list" for the builder/seller. Our new construction inspections give you confidence that each part of the home has been vetted for possible problems.

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If your goal is to sell a house, you need to be sure that no issues will arise for a potential buyer. A pre-listing inspection will identify key areas of concern that might cause issues for buyers. These issues will be clearly reported-on, giving you the option to determine how you want to handle them before listing your house. No surprises mean a smoother sale.

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One-Year Home Warranty

Most builders offer a 12-month warranty on their builds. This means that buyers should have another set of eyes on the home so that issues that have arisen can be identified. Many buyers opt to get an inspection by us before the 12-month new home warranty expires. This inspection might save you money on costly repairs that are actually covered under the terms of your builder's warranty, so you won't have to pay for fixes due to poor workmanship, faulty materials, or other damage identified before the warranty expires.

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Drone Inspection
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Radon Testing
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WDI Inspection
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Commercial Property Inspection Services

We inspect properties that will be used by businesses for commercial purposes, including retail, office buildings, food service, industrial, banks, laundromats, medical offices, shopping centers, houses of worship, and much more. Trust the experts at MKC Associates to thoroughly inspect and review the condition of your property and uncover any issues that could matter to your business. If you’re investing in a property, invest in our experience and knowledge to put it to work for you and your business.

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What to Expect at Your Home Inspection

You deserve a home inspector that cares about your home as much as you do. We only work for you, dedicated to the inspection of the property you'll be owning for years to come. You can expect an expert process, detailed reporting, and thorough follow-up. Our detailed home inspections include detailed reporting you can share with anyone involved in the transaction.

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MKC invites you to join us on the day of the inspection so that your inspector can guide you through the process, explain their findings, and answer questions about maintenance and repair needs. When you are there at the inspection, we can show you the areas of concern, and you'll have that context when reviewing the report. After the inspection, we are available at any time to answer additional questions.

Expert Massachusetts Home Inspectors With a 5-Star Rating

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Licensed home inspector Morgan Cohen launched MKC Associates with the simple goal of helping buyers know their home. We want you to see your potential new home through expert eyes, fully understand the scope of your investment, and feel confident in your decisions. With MKC Associates you benefit from our 18+ years of experience providing home inspections throughout Massachusetts.

We’ve inspected properties in nearly every condition imaginable, so nothing surprises us! Because we focus on the Massachusetts and Greater Boston area, we are able to appreciate the uniqueness and respected heritage of New England properties. Many of these historic homes require a sharp eye for detail and broad knowledge of construction practices, building materials, building science, heating, plumbing, and electrical systems spanning over 300 years in total. This means nearly every type of building process and material ever used in the history of construction in the United States could be found on a property you're buying - so it's critical to get an experienced inspector.

As homeowners themselves, our team of licensed Boston home inspectors understand the urgent nature of the home buying and selling process. We've been through it, and we know what you're experiencing. It is not easy and it can be anxiety-producing! That’s why we inspect 7 days a week on a flexible schedule, with a wide range of availability to accommodate your needs.

What our clients are saying

I am a first time home buyer and like anyone else, was very nervous about the inspection. I came across this company on Yelp and did not know much other than their great reviews here. They were all right. We had Tom Berthiaume and he went above and beyond during the whole process. Not only did he point out everything to use, he did it in a manner in which we could understand, provided recommendations, and gave us a world of knowledge of things we are not familiar with.

Michael Q.

Hired MKC Associates for single family home inspection in Boston. They came recommended by friends who were very pleased with their service. MKC was prompt to respond to my questions prior to the inspection over the phone. The inspection itself was done by Jameson, who was extremely thorough! He inspected every nook and cranny of that house inside and out, very personable, explained what he was looking at and finding as he went along, and followed up with a thorough report with photos. My father is a building commissioner outside of Boston, he was present for the inspection as my trusted back up, and later commented how impressed he was with the MKC inspector.


Our home inspection was with Morgan and we very much appreciated his attention to detail and the time he took to teach us while he inspected. There were several features of our new home we would not have otherwise understood without Morgan. The thoroughness of the written report was also appreciated by the contractors we hired to fix some of the items – everything was laid out and it simplified their planning. We were referred to Morgan by engineering friends of ours and now we understand why – meticulous, thorough, and entirely pleasant!

Athe T.

MKC Associates Home Inspection Pricing

Prices for a home inspection in Boston and the surrounding areas can vary widely by the provider. Our fair pricing is based on the time we take to understand our client's needs, conduct a thorough inspection, answer questions, and follow-up with a detailed report and all other relevant information. We take pride in delivering outstanding client service and believe strongly in the value that our partnership provides. The size, age, and type of a property all factor into our pricing. View our full home inspection and services price list to get a sense of our base pricing. We encourage you to contact our team for additional information and a precise quote.

Our Pricing
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