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Looking for an affordable, dependable, experienced Commercial Property Inspector? You've come to the right place.

Buying or leasing any property is a huge investment. This is especially true for business owners hoping that a potential property will represent their next successful endeavor, or for investors putting their money on the line in hopes of housing new tenants.

As small business owners ourselves, we completely understand that choosing and purchasing a commercial property is no easy task and it might cause you a few sleepless nights.

the front of a commercial business business building
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This is why it’s so crucial that commercial buyers understand exactly what they’re getting into before finalizing the deal. Property inspections are our business. Let us help you protect your business.

During a commercial building inspection, the professionals at MKC Associates help buyers better understand their potential new property before making the final purchase. With everything else that business owners have to deal with (permits, hiring employees, taxes, attorneys, and much more), MKC is here to make one of the more difficult steps smooth and understandable. Your business is your priority. You are our priority.

We hope that you will join us on inspection day to get a firsthand look at the building’s condition. We’ll also explain everything in our clear and thorough reports, and make ourselves available as a resource to you long after the inspection is over.

Commercial Property Inspection Services

Commercial Inspection

We help business owners understand the real condition of their potential property. We conduct an exhaustive inspection that includes a detailed visual examination of the interior and exterior portions of the property, the structure, tests of the building’s major systems like plumbing, heating and AC, critical appliances, and much more. Get the peace of mind needed that your property is ready to house a new retail store or become the next favorite neighborhood restaurant.

Additional services, including radon detection or drone inspections, can be added to a standard commercial property inspection to provide further analysis of the property’s condition.

If you need a Phase 1 environmental inspection (also known as "21E" here in Massachusetts), we can get that done for you as well by one of our partners.

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Boston Area Commercial Property Inspection Pricing

Commercial property inspection fees vary based on the type and use of the property. Please email with your property address, or call our office at 857-496-6042 for a complete estimate.

looking down a narrow Boston residential road of apartments

Commercial Property Inspection FAQs

Can I just use an inspection report from the previous owner of the property?
Can I see a sample report?
How long does an inspection take?
Will you give me pricing quotes for issues discovered during the inspection?

What to Expect at Your Commercial Building Inspection

Our only obligation is to help you, the business owner, gain peace of mind about your decision to purchase a new property. Our experience, credentials, proven inspection process, and unique set of cutting-edge tools help us provide the most thorough inspection possible inspection. At the end of the inspection you’ll feel fully equipped to take whatever next steps are right for your business.

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Accompany us on your commercial building inspection

We typically advise clients to join us during the commercial property inspection as this allows them to become better informed about the property and ask questions in real time. During the several hours that it takes to complete a commercial property inspection, you will have the opportunity to see every accessible part of the property, judging the condition for yourself while proactively building a list of potential issues to address as part of the negotiation process, or after the property has been purchased.

Industry-leading commercial building inspection reports for businesses

We understand that while details can be helpful, what you really need is plainspoken facts about the condition of a property. Our inspection reports have become widely regarded in the industry for their helpful balance of thoroughness and readability, giving you the value needed when making an important decision. We also recognize that a prompt reply from your commercial building inspector could mean the difference between revoking an offer and moving forward with a purchase.

To empower your quick decision making, we usually return digital and PDF copies of the entire inspection report within 5 business days (contact us for expedited turnaround). A sample report can be accessed here.

Boston area commercial property inspectors that work for you

As your commercial building inspector we are able to become a true partner and provide unbiased feedback on the condition of a property. We serve you, our client. Realtors, sellers, and other involved parties are usually concerned their own interests.

To help you keep track of issues or concerns that are noted during the inspection process, we compile a list of each item in software tool called “Repair Request Builder.” You can use this list later as a reference when negotiating a better offer, asking the seller to make repairs, or when tackling these items yourself after purchasing the property. You can learn more about how this tool works by clicking here.

If you still have questions about what’s included in a commercial property inspection or how they work, please consult our FAQ page for additional details.

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Expert Boston area commercial property inspection services for all property types

Not every commercial property is the same, and only a trained, licensed professional understands exactly what to look for and the issues that will matter most depending on the planned use for the space. Whether you’re opening a new medical office or planning an expansion for manufacturing operations, we’ll help uncover potential hazards and liabilities that could affect property value, utility, or safety.

We inspect the following types of commercial properties, among many others:

business front building
Office buildings
A medical office
Medical offices
A religious building
Religious buildings
industrial building with a warehouse
Industrial properties
Motels and hotels
a 2 story bank brick building
a gray warehouse building
Dental offices
A multi-use brick building
Multi-use buildings

What our clients are saying

I am a first time home buyer and like anyone else, was very nervous about the inspection. I came across this company on Yelp and did not know much other than their great reviews here. They were all right. We had Tom Berthiaume and he went above and beyond during the whole process. Not only did he point out everything to use, he did it in a manner in which we could understand, provided recommendations, and gave us a world of knowledge of things we are not familiar with.

Michael Q.

Hired MKC Associates for single family home inspection in Boston. They came recommended by friends who were very pleased with their service. MKC was prompt to respond to my questions prior to the inspection over the phone. The inspection itself was done by Jameson, who was extremely thorough! He inspected every nook and cranny of that house inside and out, very personable, explained what he was looking at and finding as he went along, and followed up with a thorough report with photos. My father is a building commissioner outside of Boston, he was present for the inspection as my trusted back up, and later commented how impressed he was with the MKC inspector.


Our home inspection was with Morgan and we very much appreciated his attention to detail and the time he took to teach us while he inspected. There were several features of our new home we would not have otherwise understood without Morgan. The thoroughness of the written report was also appreciated by the contractors we hired to fix some of the items – everything was laid out and it simplified their planning. We were referred to Morgan by engineering friends of ours and now we understand why – meticulous, thorough, and entirely pleasant!

Athe T.
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