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Headshot of Morgan Cohen
A man holding a flashlight

Morgan Cohen is a licensed home inspector and the proud owner of MKC Associates, which he founded in 2005. He has completed over 2,300 Massachusetts home inspections as well as many commercial property inspections, property consultations and commercial & industrial radon testing projects.

Before founding MKC, Morgan saw a void in the inspection industry. He saw that there was a need for home inspectors that could clearly communicate issues about homes to clients while also providing a high level of detail and service. He started MKC Associates out of a deep passion for understanding how homes work and with a natural ease of communicating and educating these concepts with clients.

He’s now MKC’s owner, trainer, company manager, and lead inspector. With a background in carpentry, restoration, and renovation, he’s passionate about using his extensive knowledge about homes to help clients. Morgan is also the immediate-past Education Chair of the New England Chapter of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), and has been recently quoted in the Boston Globe and Boston Magazine, among others. In his free time, he enjoys being with his family, being outdoors, and working on photography.

“What I love about this industry is that we get to help our clients in a completely dedicated way. We’re lucky because we are totally independent and work only for our clients.” -Morgan


  • MA Registered Professional Home Inspector License #635
  • ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI)
  • Certified Pest Inspector by the New England Pest Management Association
  • Certified Residential Radon Measurement Provider with National Environmental Association
  • Certified Residential Thermographer
  • Past Chair of Education, American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI New England Chapter

“Morgan was exceptional, as other reviewers have said. His thoroughness and attention to detail were incredible. He was methodical and gave off the confidence of a seasoned professional while also feeling approachable and welcoming of questions.” – Roberto I.

Headshot of Tom Berthiaume

Tom has been a positive asset to MKC associates since he joined the company in 2012. His 15+ years of experience professionally inspecting homes, and his commitment to providing the most thorough information as possible to the client, has helped in making MKC one of the leading home inspection companies in the industry. His exceptional work ethic and professional demeanor are substantiated by his reviews and he prides himself on the best service for every client.

Tom possesses a combination of proven experience and education. He is a carpenter by trade, and after earning a BS degree in civil engineering from WPI, he worked for 17 years as project superintendent for several construction management firms managing large scale projects. Tom’s hard work makes him our top producer, by volume and reviews. He has inspected over 2,000 residential and commercial properties and is our commercial property inspection specialist.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf.

“I thoroughly enjoy waking up each day knowing I am helping our clients make educated and informed decisions” – Tom


  • MA Registered Professional Home Inspector License #661
  • ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI)
  • BS in Civil Engineering
  • LEED Green Associate
  • Licensed Construction Supervisor in MA
  • Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT)
  • Certified Pest Inspector (NEPMA)
  • FAA Drone Pilot Certified

“I learned more [from Tom] about homeownership and maintenance in that 3 hours than I did my whole life prior!” – Thomas S.

Headshot of Rob Amaral
Rob Amaral pointing towards a house during an inspection

Rob has been a full time home inspector since 1995. In fact, he was in the first group of inspectors to be licensed in Massachusetts! He joined MKC Associates in February of 2017 and brings with him over 24 years of residential and commercial experience.

Rob has become familiar with common Massachusetts home construction types and issues after performing over 6,000 inspections mostly Greater Boston, but also throughout all of New England. This combined with his native residence in Walpole gives him a strong familiarity with local construction history, techniques and the various problems and solutions involved in property ownership.

Prior to being a home inspector, Rob worked as a manager and trainer for a national radon measurement firm in Virginia, who were pioneers in radon measurement.

Rob is a life-long musician (guitar and bass) and has played music professionally all over New England and the Northeast. He currently plays with an eclectic surf band called The Fathoms.

Rob’s take on the home inspection profession: “I like being with different people in different places every day and the challenge of helping people out during their building-purchase process. I have a lot of fun at the same time and consider myself fortunate to have succeeded in this profession”.


  • MA Registered Professional Home Inspector License #261
  • ASHI Member and Certified Inspector (ACI)
  • Certified Residential Thermographer
  • Certified Pest Inspector (NEPMA)
  • FAA Drone Pilot Certified

“This was the 4th home that Rob Amaral has inspected for me and I can’t imagine using anyone else. Based on his reports, I have purchased 3 of the 4 homes he has inspected. Everything he told me about each house has held true…” – Autumn W.

Headshot of Miner Sparks

Miner is an Associate Home Inspector and also the Radon Technician at MKC Associates. He joined the team at the beginning of 2021.

His previous work experience is primarily in customer service and sales, where he excelled and quickly became a sales manager. These customer service skills and rapid learning style have propelled him into Home Inspection as he always enjoyed learning about home improvement projects and upgrading his own home.

His favorite pastime is basketball, whether it be watching or playing, as well as international traveling.

“I love helping folks understand what they are buying and communicate complicated situations in an effective and relatable way” – Miner


  • MA Home Inspector License #1147
  • NRPP Residential Radon Measurement Provider #111769-RT
  • Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT)
  • Certified Pest Inspector (NEPMA)
  • FAA Drone Pilot Certified

"Mr. Miner Sparks was super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about everything in the home inspection process. His inspection and report were as thorough as can be. Thanks to him I avoided some homebuying decisions I may have regretted, and have peace of mind around the condition of the property I've decided to purchase. As a first time homebuyer he was extremely easy to work with, and I will have no hesitation recommending him and MKC Associates." - Kurush M.

Headshot of Jack Haggerty

Jack Joined MKC Associates in 2020. He’s a trainee, rapidly learning the exciting and complex profession of Home Inspection. He has past experience in the trades working in painting and floor installation. He has been a part of several major projects installing hardwood and synthetic flooring specializing in basketball courts. His painting experiences working on restorative work on old houses in the Melrose area brought him to have success at real estate investing and he’s spent the past 17 years as a landlord and property manager.

Outside of work Jack stays fit and busy. With an ongoing law Enforcement career and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament fighting experience, he has also been training law enforcement officers in BJJ-based defensive control tactics in an effort to promote positive effective change in a dynamic and changing environment.

“I love home inspection because I have the chance to connect with people in a truly positive and effective way. Buying a Home can be an extremely stressful process. By explaining the complex systems that are designed into a home, I am able to help clients achieve a level of knowledge that can be instrumental to their decision-making process. With these tools, clients are better equipped to build for their future. This can be a very exciting time, and sharing in this process is truly rewarding.” – Jack


  • MA Associate Home Inspector License #767
  • Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT)
  • Certified Pest Inspector (NEPMA)
  • FAA Drone Pilot Certified

"Jack Haggerty and MKC are top quality professionals. Thorough, honest, and efficient." - Romeo P.

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