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Receive a Home Reinspection Before Finalizing Your Purchase

After your first home inspection, you’ll likely have a “punch list” of repairs that need to be addressed by the seller before closing. This is true for both newly constructed homes and renovated properties.

The seller should understand that all the remaining fixes for the home must be completed, but how do you know the issues were really fixed?

Before you finalize the sale and move in, make sure the requested repairs have all been completed. Although municipal building inspectors will make sure that minimum building code standards have been met, they will not investigate whether the home meets specific terms between buyer and seller.

During a reinspection we will go back to the property to make sure that the home has been updated as requested.

A reinspection is your last chance to make sure that the contractor, realtor, and seller have done their jobs and met the agreed-upon terms of the closing.

Protect yourself and your investment with a reinspection before you sign on the dotted line.

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Home Reinspection Services

During a buyer’s inspection, MKC Associates will conduct a full interior and exterior examination of the property in addition to appliance testing and more. Because a reinspection is typically ordered to assess whether or not specific repairs have been completed, we will primarily focus on inspecting the specific list of repairs that were requested. Our goal is to determine if the repairs have all been completed and to a reasonable standard of quality. After the inspection, we’ll review the final report with you in detail to ensure that all questions are answered and that you feel confident in the next steps.

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Home Reinspection Pricing

Our home reinspection services are priced by the hour. For a complete guide, reference our full home inspection price list.

Advantages of a Home Reinspection

Unfortunately, home repairs are not always done well or at all, despite the buyer’s making them a condition of the sale’s completion. Missed or inept repairs can be the fault of unscrupulous sellers or unqualified contractors performing bad work.

A home reinspection is the best way to ensure that a licensed and trained professional has reviewed all of the requested repairs and evaluated the quality of the workmanship. Here are some of the top advantages of getting a home reinspection before you officially close:

  • Less stressful closing process due to peace of mind that all terms of the sale have been met and verified.
  • Money saved after closing because you don’t have to pay to fix incomplete or shoddy work.
  • Ensure that the newly constructed home or renovated home is in excellent condition.
  • Protection from being misled by sellers, contractors, or realtors.

Buying a new home is a significant investment and personal undertaking. You deserve to know that the home is in proper condition before assuming ownership, and it’s the seller’s responsibility to address issues that would prevent you from moving forward with the purchase.

When Should I Order a Home Reinspection?

If you’ve asked for significant or complex repairs and want to make sure they’ve been done fully and properly. Informing the seller that you’ll be ordering a reinspection also indicates that you’re serious about the job being done right before finalizing the purchase. Here are some of the most common reasons that you should consider ordering a reinspection:

  • The seller was asked to address a significant repair and you don’t feel comfortable assessing work completed by them or a contracted professional.
  • There is reason to doubt that the repair has been done correctly, or finished at all.
  • Total peace of mind that the home is in great condition before closing.
  • When a punch list has been developed and agreed-to buy both the buyer and the seller, and has been attached as an addendum to the purchase and sale.

If you use the same home inspector for service before and after the repairs, they’ll know exactly what to look for and how the work should be done. Additionally, you can be very specific with the seller about how repairs should be addressed by detailing the exact problem and what you would consider to be a complete and acceptable repair.

What if the Home Reinspection Fails?

There are several reasons that a home reinspection could fail, and they are not all due to the seller making a mistake. In some cases, the seller may do the repairs themselves and simply do a bad job, or hire a friend who is no qualified to perform the work. If it’s clear that the work is incomplete or has been done poorly, consult with your realtor or even a real estate attorney if you have significant doubts about the situation. Exercising caution and consulting experts is always recommended during the home buying process.

However, if you are highly interested in the property but one of the repairs has caused issues or the problem still isn’t fully fixed, you can request further information from the seller like the name of the contractor and a statement of the work they completed.

Alternatively, if you understand the scope of the situation but don’t want to prolong the buying process, a reinspection provides context about potential expenses that could be incurred after closing.

looking down a narrow Boston residential road of apartments

What our clients are saying

I am a first time home buyer and like anyone else, was very nervous about the inspection. I came across this company on Yelp and did not know much other than their great reviews here. They were all right. We had Tom Berthiaume and he went above and beyond during the whole process. Not only did he point out everything to use, he did it in a manner in which we could understand, provided recommendations, and gave us a world of knowledge of things we are not familiar with.

Michael Q.

Hired MKC Associates for single family home inspection in Boston. They came recommended by friends who were very pleased with their service. MKC was prompt to respond to my questions prior to the inspection over the phone. The inspection itself was done by Jameson, who was extremely thorough! He inspected every nook and cranny of that house inside and out, very personable, explained what he was looking at and finding as he went along, and followed up with a thorough report with photos. My father is a building commissioner outside of Boston, he was present for the inspection as my trusted back up, and later commented how impressed he was with the MKC inspector.


Our home inspection was with Morgan and we very much appreciated his attention to detail and the time he took to teach us while he inspected. There were several features of our new home we would not have otherwise understood without Morgan. The thoroughness of the written report was also appreciated by the contractors we hired to fix some of the items – everything was laid out and it simplified their planning. We were referred to Morgan by engineering friends of ours and now we understand why – meticulous, thorough, and entirely pleasant!

Athe T.

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