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Buying a home is huge investment, It might even be one of the largest investments that you will ever make. More importantly, a primary residence is also the place that families spend the most time outside of work and school. Nothing can replace the feeling of comfort and security that a home should impart. That’s why it’s so crucial for buyers to minimize their risk, by understanding the exact condition of a home before deciding to make it their own.

An electrician inspecting an electrical panel

We are your Guides - We can be your guide during this decision. At MKC Associates, we focus on developing a close partnership with every client during a buyer’s inspection for a residential property. We will guide you through the entire inspection, thoroughly explaining property defects or issues uncovered during the process.

You are our priority- The home buying process can involve a number of parties, including sellers, realtors, contractors, attorneys, appraisers, and more. As a buyer, it’s normal to feel confused and out of the loop during this process - but that can have huge implications for you and your family. Our goal is always to provide the knowledge and guidance you need to make an informed decision.

Come along with us - As your trusted partner, we hope that you will accompany us throughout the inspection to see what we uncover firsthand. We’ll explain everything in our clear and thorough reports, and make ourselves available as an asset to you long after the inspection is over. We’re here as your asset, partner, and guide.

Residential Home Inspection Services
An electrician inspecting an electrical panel
A newly constructed house
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Buyer’s Inspection

During a buyer’s inspection we will conduct a thorough visual inspection of the interior and exterior portions of the property and examine and test major components of the home, including primary appliances, plumbing, and HVAC systems among other. Buyer’s will receive a full report of any problems or concerns found during the inspection.

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New Construction

Although newly constructed homes are expected to adhere to the highest standards of quality and performance, they frequently experience issues after a few months of being exposed to weather and normal use. A new home inspection can help identify potential issues that might be covered by a new home warranty, or which can help you negotiate on the price.

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Repairs are one of the top reasons for delayed closings and buyers getting cold feet. A pre-listing inspection will help you easily get ahead of small and large repairs that buyers might request. Our experienced team knows exactly what kinds of issues stand out to potential buyers. Fixing these issues before a buyer walks through your home can help you sell faster and keep your asking price as high as possible.

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One-Year Home Warranty

You may be totally unaware of a problem that’s just about to get worse, causing a major headache and costly repairs. Some homes are covered for 12 months from the date of purchase to help new homeowners cover the cost of eligible repairs. A one-year warranty inspection can help you find and assess the severity of issues, then submitting for warranty coverage before it’s too late!

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Home Inspection Pricing

Home inspection pricing can vary significantly depending on the provider’s level of expertise, the amount of time dedicated to the inspection, and the additional services provided. The MKC Associates team of licensed inspectors provides thorough and comprehensive services along with detailed reporting.

Additionally, our team has expertise in many of the historical building styles and construction practices that are unique to the Boston area. This experience allows us to assess the quality of homes that are hundreds of years old. General pricing is available in our home inspection services price list.

Please note that the age, size, and condition of a property can all affect the final pricing. We offer discounts for teachers, police, firefighters, veterans, active-duty military, and seniors. Contact our team with any questions and we will provide a complete, accurate quote.

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What Our Home Inspection Services Include

There’s often more to a home than meets the eye. When first walking through a new home, you’re likely imagining what it would be like to entertain guests, chase the kids, decorate for the holidays, and generally give the home your unique touch. That's great! However, inspectors are looking beyond that- they are an expertly trained eye that’s not emotionally invested in the decision, so they can uncover important details that will matter most to you as the buyer. When inspecting your new home, we take time to thoroughly look in detail at the following categories and other aspects your home:

The exterior of a building

Wall cladding, windows, doors, eaves, trim, decks, porches, entryways, steps, grading, driveways, and drainage.

A corner of the roof where it meets the chimney

Roof system, roof penetrations, roof drainage, and roof structure, chimney and flashing.

Structural framing

Foundation, structural framing, floors, walls, ceiling framing, and roof framing.

An HVAC unit
Heating & Air Conditioning

Furnace system, boiler system, HVAC system, ducts, vents, tanks, piping, controls, fuel supply system, and main fuel shutoff.

Exposed pipes

Water supply and waste piping, main supply shutoff, drains, traps, fixtures, and vent piping.

An exposed lightbulb hanging from the ceiling with surrounding wiring

Service entrance cable, meter area, grounding, main disconnect, main and sub panels, GFCI breakers and receptacles, AFCI breakers, switches, and exposed branch wiring.

An interior staircase

Stairs, walls, flooring, ceilings, handrails and guardrails, investigating for moisture from leakage, and cracking and other signs of structural issues.


All permanently-installed appliances, except laundry (they often have people's clothing in them!) - dishwasher, oven/range, microwave, disposer, compactor, refrigerator.

A wall with signs of moisture problems
Signs of moisture problems

We inspect all accessible areas of the home to determine if there are signs of ongoing, past, or current water and moisture problems, and discuss the related damage, structural issues, and possible indoor air quality issues that may be a result of these issues.

Our Reports are Built for Every Homeowner

There’s nothing more frustrating than when experts use jargon and complicated references that simply fly over the head of most homeowners, and are unreadable. MKC Associates is committed to ensuring that you truly understand the condition of your home in plain, simple terms. We also include detailed explanations and illustrations for contractors or tradesmen who may on the report to make specific repairs and understand the scope of the issues.

Our Property Inspection Reports Equip You to Make a Confident Decision

Our home inspection reports have become renowned in the home inspection industry for their detail and balance between thoroughness and accessibility for the average homeowner. Here are some examples from real clients to show how your home inspection report will look.

A True Partner for Your Home Inspection

We encourage clients to walk through the inspection process with us, asking questions and gleaning the information needed to make a confident decision. During the inspection we will create a list of potential fixes that should be addressed, regardless of how you choose to use this information. Click here to see exactly how this tool works and see a demo.

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Home Inspection FAQs

A previous buyer already had an inspection before backing out. Can I use their inspection report?
Can the report be transferred to anyone else for their own use?
How long does a home inspection take?
What will my home inspection report look like? Can I see a sample report?
Will you provide costs estimates for repairs discovered during the home inspection?

What our clients are saying

I am a first time home buyer and like anyone else, was very nervous about the inspection. I came across this company on Yelp and did not know much other than their great reviews here. They were all right. We had Tom Berthiaume and he went above and beyond during the whole process. Not only did he point out everything to use, he did it in a manner in which we could understand, provided recommendations, and gave us a world of knowledge of things we are not familiar with.

Michael Q.

Hired MKC Associates for single family home inspection in Boston. They came recommended by friends who were very pleased with their service. MKC was prompt to respond to my questions prior to the inspection over the phone. The inspection itself was done by Jameson, who was extremely thorough! He inspected every nook and cranny of that house inside and out, very personable, explained what he was looking at and finding as he went along, and followed up with a thorough report with photos. My father is a building commissioner outside of Boston, he was present for the inspection as my trusted back up, and later commented how impressed he was with the MKC inspector.


Our home inspection was with Morgan and we very much appreciated his attention to detail and the time he took to teach us while he inspected. There were several features of our new home we would not have otherwise understood without Morgan. The thoroughness of the written report was also appreciated by the contractors we hired to fix some of the items – everything was laid out and it simplified their planning. We were referred to Morgan by engineering friends of ours and now we understand why – meticulous, thorough, and entirely pleasant!

Athe T.
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