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About Attleboro, MA

Situated about 40 miles south of Boston, Attleboro is conveniently located between several larger cities and suburbs, including Taunton and Providence, Rhode Island. Attleboro came to prominence as the “Jewelry capital of the world,” and it has recently undergone several large development projects intended to revitalize the local economy. Additionally, the town continues to invest in other important social, cultural, and educational institutions, including new schools, museums, and more.  

Inspection Services We Offer

Unfortunately, what you don’t know can hurt you. Sometimes, only trained and certified home inspectors can spot potential issues caused by defective materials, wear and tear, or poor workmanship. A home inspection is critical before buying or selling a property, or for determining potential issues during the course of routine maintenance. We’ve been helping home owners experience greater peace of mind by providing thorough home inspections in Attleboro, MA for over 15 years. Our complete range of home inspection services help owners better understand the condition of their property, reducing their stress and allowing them to financially plan for any needed repairs.    

Home Inspection Attleboro, MA

At our company, we prioritize client involvement during home inspections in Attleboro, MA. By being present, you can ask questions, clarify concerns, and understand the inspection findings better. Our licensed team ensures availability 7 days a week to accommodate your schedule. Contact us today for detailed home inspections in Attleboro and receive a custom quote tailored to your needs. 

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We strongly encourage clients to join us for the entire inspection to ask questions, clarify issues, and get a better understanding of the repair “punch list” we create during the inspection. Our goal is for every client to see their property through expert eyes, and glean the information they need to make an informed decision. Our expert, licensed team is available 7 days a week to schedule your home inspection in Attleboro, MA, answer questions, or provide a custom quote.

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